Language Equations

July 20, 2010
I'm a letter. Not a number.
English makes me feel smarter and math makes me feel dumber.
There are only 26 letters but numbers are infinite.
I can have an opinion in english but my math answer has to be definite.
Words on a page are a form of art;
The calligraphy lets me express my secret heart.
Meanwhile math formulas look like Chinese;
I'll stare at one for hours and STILL not know what it means!
I love how words have the ability to rhyme
And they have saved me time after time.
Numbers swirl around in my head and make no sense.
(I've tried my hardest, in my defense.)
But the time has come to make a decision.
It requires a lot of thought and careful precision:
Calculus next year or creative writing?
English is kissing me while math is biting.
So good-bye math, we were never meant to be.
It's time to stop pretending and just be me.
English is waiting and has been all my life.
I will no longer be held captive under your knife.
As I finish this poem I feel so much better
Because I'm not a number. I'm a letter.

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