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Lessons Not Learned

May 4, 2018
By mmoore BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
mmoore BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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Let’s teach boys manners.
Let’s teach boys courtesy.
Let’s teach them and let them know
That to cry and have feelings are OKAY.
Let’s teach them the way to a woman’s heart
As opposed to her pants.
Let’s teach boys that consent to sex
Is ALWAYS needed.
That arrogance is not attractive,
That having bad grades is not “cool,”
That women are not objects.
Let’s teach them to speak their mind
(And not only when they are angry.)
Let’s teach them that reading is important
And doing so makes you wise, not weird.
That your interests do not define you,
That your sexual experiences do not make you a “man.”
Let’s teach them that liking the same sex
Is just as equally okay as liking the opposite.
Let’s teach boys something worth learning.

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