May 4, 2018
By Ahuynh1029 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Ahuynh1029 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Footsteps, they clap as the world begins to evaporate,
A person alone; stuck and out of place,
Simply trying to navigate:
The complexities of life, and the atmosphere we call social space.

He searches to complete what is incomplete;
To find the finish line.
Running and racing independently through the street,
In a world as black and white as the silhouette of a skyline,
only guided by a heartbeat
He chases for the first time something genuine.
Something that won’t pull back before hands can meet
Something that will never become worn out or obsolete.

Alone he runs, to find, to discover,
Foot after foot shadowed by streetlights and thunder,
The rain drips and pours in the gutter.

The streetlights, the houses, and the trees they all pass.
Moments lost forever like sand falling grain by grain in an hourglass.

Finally he sees something; the distance is no more.
The journey- the resolution,
Is close like sand and water on a seashore.

From what was dark he emerged out of the city
Away from the rain and the land that was chilly.

Now he stands in light at a beach,
With warmth and purpose finally within reach.

The author's comments:

This piece is based off of the everyday struggle people face, but the eventual relization that through time anything can be overcome as long as one has the correct mindset. 

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