Us Autistic Girls

May 2, 2018

Autistic girls are beautiful
We have such rhythmatic and vivacious motions
The way our fingers spin and our hands rock as if there were tides underneath them
The way our irises swim beyond the gaze of others and into the patterns around us
How we sway and swoon in so many tempos like a secret song is within our vibrant minds
We have such eccentric and stunning words
The way our fingers dance to some of our AAC boards and swirl when choosing our verbs
The way we may curl our palms in a dance of signing serenades
How when we speak we are emanating zest and  excitement as well as interest
We possess amazing style that we know the Neurotypicals envy
With our cute infinity signs representing how our neurons uniquely entwine
The hum of our spinners and the keyboard clicks of our vinyl cubes that we play like musicians
Our adorable smiles when we feel our favorite textures as they radiate onto our fingertips
We are diverse and gleam with individuality
With queer autistic women and femmes who defy the barriers of love, gender, and neurotypicality
With autistic women of color challenging the stereotype of autistics being white men
With multiple disabled autistic women rewriting ableist culture from multiple sides
We are autistic and believe in our identities and femininity
We are autistic champions, not for working against autim
But for fighting a world that decides we must be like the Allistic majority to gain personal worth
And believing despite the odds in the truth
That us autistic girls are beautiful

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