Soul Exchange

May 7, 2018
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To darken a shade of paint,
One must mix it with the opposite color.
If this is your definition of feeling,
Then this is for you.

This is for the recess monitor that asked me
What I was thinking about
When I sat alone and still for a full hour
That stretched on for days

This is for the girl that
Keeps her happiness in her back pocket
Because her heart is too full of cracks
And will probably leak

This is for the only boy
To asked me out and who
Only said four words the entire time

This is for that drunk on the bus
That told me the secret of happiness
Could be found in
The roots that grew me

This is for that overwhelmed, lonely
College student that
Knitted a sock monkey for
The 50-year-old van driver

This is for that
50-year-old van driver

This is for that kid that
Asked me if help from the
Magic ravens was allowed in the
Easter egg hunt

This is for the brain-damaged woman
Who always spoke her mind
Even when it made me cry

This is for the addict
Who I learned could hope-
Who always came to my side
Even if she was always too late

This is for that man
Who could not play the piano
To save his life, but
Plays every Sunday in church 

This is for the girl who is
Blatantly scared of me
But still asks me for
The time

This is for the teacher
That ignored when I was crying
In front of everyone
And demanded I keep singing

This is for the lovers, the haters

This is for the pessimists, the dreamers

This is for the butchers, bakers,
And candlestick makers

This is for the frauds, the reals

This is for the ones who feel

This is for you.
Yes, you.
To the people whom I
Exchanged bits of soul with.
Understand that opposites exist
To complete each other.
So never underestimate
Your impact on me

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celia-unicorn said...
today at 11:52 pm
Wow! This was amazing!
Sidneyyyy said...
today at 11:14 am
This was so good!!!
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