there is this young woman?

May 7, 2018
By GeminiPearl SILVER, Boutte, Louisiana
GeminiPearl SILVER, Boutte, Louisiana
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There is this young woman that I like I see her every day, I am her best stalker because I watch her in every way. If I tell her how i feel   I fear she would push me away, I want to kiss her but there is no easy way. There is young woman that I like i want to talk to her everyday pour out my heart but I can’t find the way, I wrote her love letters and text her secretly, I want to be with her to I can’t find away. there is this young woman that i like shes like a drug i want to sniffer but could drain all her love. she looks like a gift and dreams from above. I am that girl, I see me every day I am my best stalker because

I watch me in the mirror every day. If I tell me how I feel
I might walk away.    

The author's comments:

this is a love story about the same young woman. 

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