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May 7, 2018
By ladada2018 PLATINUM, Saint Louis, Missouri
ladada2018 PLATINUM, Saint Louis, Missouri
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I love Clouds and a few
Other Things –

not when they are so multitudinous that
They stretch to the horizon and back
and you can’t tell where the end begins
and the beginning ends
and all you see is one giant glob of grey paste
that bores you to tears and is unremarkable in almost every way. 


No –


I love Them when They come in small doses
with the blue of the sky to set Them apart;
when you can see Their white marshmallow, cotton ball tops
and Their hidden dark undersides all at once;
when They have little holes in Them that let light shine through;
when They put on grand performances of “Guess what I am?”


But They never play fair and just when you think you’ve got it,
They’ve shifted into a completely different shape altogether;
when They positively glow in the proper light of a sunset;
when They become so complex They turn into Rubik’s cubes in your mind –


That’s when I love Clouds and a few
Other Things.  

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