The Highs and Lows of Love

May 6, 2018
By ladada2018 PLATINUM, Saint Louis, Missouri
ladada2018 PLATINUM, Saint Louis, Missouri
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The high of a Smile

is cotton candy, and butterflies, and hearing the air whoosh in your ears when you run.


The high of a Kiss

is hot chocolate, and fizzy soda, and jumping on a trampoline.


The high of a Touch

is a hot bath, and the opening of a warm oven, and neon signs turning on.


But the ultimate high is the high of Pop-Boom-Sizzle-Bang-Kapow!

and It is exactly what It sounds like:

a Pop

a Boom

a Sizzle

a Bang



And with the highs, must come the lows.


The low of the Smile

is not bad at all.

A little Uncertainty —

Is that for me? Are you sure?


The low of the Kiss

is manageable.

There is still the Uncertainty —

Why? Is it just because of my face? Are you sure?

but there is also a Wanting —

I want more: more time, more of this, more of everything.

biding in the back of your heart.


The low of the Touch

is hard to handle.

The Uncertainty —

Is it just for my body? Is that all? Are you sure?

the Wanting —


is still there, but now there is Loneliness as well —

Are you leaving? So soon? Why are you going?

that crawls through your bones.


The low of Pop-Boom-Sizzle-Bang-Kapow!

is the worst there is.

There is no uncertainty —

You were sure.

there is no wanting —

I am full.

there is no loneliness —

You and I are here forever.

After Pop-Boom-Sizzle-Bang-Kapow!

there is only . . .

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