May 6, 2018
By CelineK12 GOLD, Edgewater, New Jersey
CelineK12 GOLD, Edgewater, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
“There something hidden in all of us. Small gift waiting to be discovered.” ~Jacqueline Woodson

I'm here. 
You cannot see me 

Huddled on the street I'm here 
You chose to ignore 

While clutching my hopes
You clutch your designer handbag

Protecting I see
Hiding from me?

A young one 
I see skipping on the streets
As I skip every meal I cannot afford

The young girl looks
As if she understands my meaning 

I'm gone 
She searches more 
For the soul noticing her

It's gone
She looks away

Familiar with the same reactions from other newcomers
Peering down at my head 
Crouching in my body
Holding on to warmth

Tall man
Runs by
Ruckus awakens

I look up
Eyes focus on the disappearance of the man 
Only I noticed he ran down the alleyway
The same designer bag clutching in his dirty hands for a different reason

Soon after
One second by
The infestation looking for my kind

I'm a magnet
Blue uniforms rush to me 
I'm confused 

Soon after 
I'm behind moldering bars
Still confused

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