(my name) the light

April 29, 2018

I never had a life
I was just nonexistent in others' existence
and I never belonged, never endured being of this planet
I just thought I was beyond

But now I really don't know where I wander
Where do I go when I space out so frequently?
Do I go where I should be, would it be better if I went there?
What If I disappeared?

Perhaps I’m floating in the sky
Maybe I’m having coffee with the stars
I never knew how far they were until I joined them
No one ever knew the solar shine was just a facade
In fact, the stars were sad and dull inside before they left Earth
Their mothers used to sing them lullabies which grew into mockery, and disgust

Everyone always told them to wake up
But they were drifting away to this Elysium
So maybe this is where I belong
Being the light of the night
A star that was never bright

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