The Porcelain Mask

April 23, 2018
By Anonymous

Everyone sees him,
The fake happy version,
But the real him,
Is hidden far underneath,
Underneath his porcelain mask,
Stuck in a forever fake smile,
The fear and pain,
The torture of his reality,
Is just enough to push someone off the edge,
Masked deep behind a fake identity,
Full of fake laughs,
Smiles inches from shattering into a thousand pieces,
His mind dancing dangerously close to the edge,
Holding back tears every time he laughs,
Clueless is the only way to describe people around him.
Echos in his brain
Fills his mind with sadness,
Someone can only take so much pain,
That is what they all call him,
Ignorant people,
They don't know what they have just done,
No one sees through his perfect teeth,
Oblivious to the fight going on underneath.
That night,
His brain filled with fright,
Made him do something drastic,
What's the point?
Fills his brain,
No one will miss you,
Shatters any hope of resistance that was left in him,
Whispers sound more like screams,
Do it,
Fix this!
Tears are now running like a river,
Every ounce of willpower now overthrown by the voices in his head,
He does what he thinks is right,
He fixes things.
Cries of sorrow wake up the world,
The world is a black mess today,
So aren't the people,
People hugging and crying,
A black hole of sadness devours the world today.
That boy had a family,
A mother,
A father,
A sister,
And a baby brother,
Because you had to say those things,
Those nasty things,
That family will never be the same,
You say your sorry,
That will never fix that devastated family
Forever holding on to the burden of a broken heart.

The author's comments:

Lately, things have been very dark in this world. Every morning I wake up to something new, something sadder and sadder. A new school shooting, a new murder, a new terrorist attack, and honestly it's awful. I wish it would stop. Suicide awareness needs to be raised.

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