Society Is Wack

April 12, 2018
By bwarr BRONZE, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
bwarr BRONZE, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
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They tell us,
“Be yourself, but fit the standards.
Love who you are, but not too much.
Be honest, but never tell the truth.
Treat everyone with respect, unless they are different.”
Society is wack.
They say,
“Love your body, but make sure you are skinny.
Do what makes you happy, unless nobody else does it.
Don’t follow the norms, but keep up with the trends.
Be real, but never show your pain.”
Society is wack.
They remind us,
“Express yourself, but only if we like it.
Voice your feelings, but we’ll criticize you for it.
Don’t do drugs, but you are only cool if you do.
Always ask for help, we’ll just say you seek attention.
Love who you want, we’ll only tear you apart for it.
Tell us who you are, and we’ll be sure to change you.”
Society is wack.
But if you don’t listen…
They’ll tell you,
“You are just another waste of air.”

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