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Hold Me

April 26, 2018
By AllyClare SILVER, Bordentown, New Jersey
AllyClare SILVER, Bordentown, New Jersey
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Can you hold me 

just a little longer

Can you wrap me in the sea

I’ve heard it’s peaceful

Can you throw me 

out of the dusk into dawn

where I think I see light and understanding-the whole part

of this mixed up jumble 

that is just screaming the nothing

to repair it

Can you tunnel me into that 


where I will smile

like those too shiny plastic stars

lost in the invention of my dream

standing erect before me in perfect clarity

Can you hold me

while the dream subsides

and darkness gathers ‘round 

and waking brings solemn headaches and sound

Can you hold me

till I am whole once more

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