Quit Fighting Poem

April 26, 2018
By mr.chips BRONZE, Cochranton, Pennsylvania
mr.chips BRONZE, Cochranton, Pennsylvania
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Fighting it's not fun and games
Ask the guy whos been in a lot named James
You know it from punching and kicking and stuff
But just wait until you tear your rotator cuff
Quit fighting its not good for your health
Even if you go in stealth
And for you people who do it for wealth
What if it was your girlfriend
And she's your heart and your her armor
And you would beat the guy who would try to harm her 
Then for fighting you will go to jail
Knowing that even though you won, you failed
So now i got my point through in this poem
So just go home
Think about your life
Make your girlfriend your wife
So you got someone to fend
I would usually say this is the end
But not today
I still did not get through everything i need to say
The bottom line is stop fighting
But that won't stop the sightings of fighting
So if you quit fighting you won't be in trouble
You won't be thrown in all the rubble

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