A flower

April 22, 2018
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You were my flower that I admired
I came to you while you were wilted and you accepted my care
I watered you to give you satisfaction
I gave you the sunlight you needed to shine
I spoke sweet words of love to transform to make the sugar to grow into a towering flower

But you didn’t
You loved my care until you didn’t
You wilted as I watched you lean toward someone else’s care
At times I wondered if I gave you too much
Yet I still was there , water in my hand , sunlight in my eyes , and love to speak
You came back for my salvation and you grew once again until you wilted for good your petals aren’t the color they used to be and your scent isn’t as sweet ... you’re poisoned , who’s hands are you in ?
I cried until I melted into the ground it self and started to bloom
And then suddenly
I became the flower to someone else

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