April 9, 2018
By Jenna-S GOLD, Turner, Maine
Jenna-S GOLD, Turner, Maine
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Why do you do this to me,
Why do you neglect to see,
What you are doing to me,
I get that you love her,
But when I am around you,
It is all a blur,
Your eyes tell a different story,
When you are with her you feel full of glory,
When you are with me,
You are different,
Fun and kind,
Instead of drab and mean,
It seems like a movie scene,
Maybe I should pay it no mind,
Maybe I should try to ignore how I feel,
You are ‘happy’ as you say,
But I am sorry,
I cannot take it anymore,

I love you,
Always have,
The way you are always true,
The way you make me happy instead of blue,
I don't know what to say,
Just listen and think about what I am saying,
Don't you want to be somewhere you can be yourself,
Maybe it is not my place,
You don't have to say anything at all,
I just needed to say,
I see right through you,
Always have.

The author's comments:

I liked this boy, but he was dating this girl. She was popular and mean. He was not himself around her but he let himself get pushed around until he heard things people said to him about her. Still, he never saw through it. 

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