I'm sorry.

April 6, 2018
By , Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Being born human is a curse and blessing. It’s a blessing since we’re the most intellectually driven beings on this planet. It’s a curse because since we have the power to the make life changing decisions, we often choose wrong. And with you, Manal, I chose wrong. I would like to start off by apologising about the last comment I made. I’m sorry. I am so truly sorry. It was so classless of me to say so. And it hurts me. It hurts me beyond your imagination because I miss you more than you could possibly imagine. It hurts because I said such a mean thing to a woman so pure and beautiful, because I said such to a women who made me laugh for lifetimes in moments. A women so cute, she could put Disney to shame. I love you Manal. With all my heart and all my soul. I miss you more than all the stars put together. Look, forever doesn’t exist, but we have our moments which last forever. I had such countless moments with you. I’m back here, on my knees for the women I love. And I want you to take me back. I’ve seen women from around the world, talked to them, and all I could f***ing think about was you. So many women tried to take me to bed but I couldn’t because life doesn’t feel right without you. I love you and I adore you. Give me this one last chance. Have faith. I won’t let you down, my love.

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