Where'd She Go?

April 9, 2018
By Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind...
- Jhene Aiko

She's lost
And no one knows it

But she wandered off so long ago

She's so lost in her words, so deep in fighting emotions
That she forgets to say I love you back
Or maybe she didn't forget


She's lost in the waves
Drowning in everyone's rage
Sometimes she gets lost in the streets
So lost that she doesn't want to go home
She gets lost in the stars and wishes she could join them


So lost in her screams that she's blinded by her health
So lost in her tears she forgot which way to flow
So lost in her pain
She forgets how to breathe, how to live

Forgets that she's in pain


So no, she's not OK
But she's trying to find herself again
Before she’s gone for good

The author's comments:

You have got to lose your mind, just to find your piece of mind.

- Jhene Aiko

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