April 8, 2018
By Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind...
- Jhene Aiko

Praise to the pained, absent, and aborted birds that throw on their daily face
Righted from magazines
A feathered creature who spends her days in pain, her nights high on buildings

Praise to the closed, painful, and parted nests that you flew from so quickly
Picturing the freest tree in the wind
But instead, you found the ground, humbled by the world’s abuse

Praise to the beautiful, contorted, and colored feathers of the fowl across from you
Making you hate your own plume
Stealing quills from your local department, capturing looks from your egg bearers

Praise to the loud, soulful sobbing from the most symmetrical beak
Beaconing off everyone's brain to their bitty hearts
Squawks that turned into songs of the sea wind

Praise to the highest flying, bold, and broken wings fighting the winds
Forcing pills down your throat to beat praises for once
But some highs only bring you down

The author's comments:

birds are everywhere.

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