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A Shape No Shift

April 7, 2018
By Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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If she has esteem, gets high off the love for herself
They'll shoot her down with false applause
With guns of vulgar jokes and contact
Rifles shooting chains

If you give her wings
They'll burn them off
With their blinding Crest Whitestrips smiles and filtered sparkle in their eye
Just to bring her back down

So she will fall to the salty water where they dumped their artificial tears
The tart deception will sting her ocular
She'll become a slave of the tide

When she was peacefully floating, they took her arms so she couldn't swim
She was drowning in happy tears
Theirs, hers
She was drowning in the world which she lived

But when her lungs could no longer take the ocean
She was brought to land, amputated of her talents
Cut off from her life
She went to live in the ground, a place where dirtiness and peace combine

If you wish to find her
Her address is the place where you made it possible to go
The place one can only imagine from the second they are born
Find her by searching gravestone

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