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April 5, 2018
By Jenna-S GOLD, Turner, Maine
Jenna-S GOLD, Turner, Maine
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The fire we once kindled,
Lay weak and dwindled,
Sparks we once had,
I feel like I should be sad,
Losing what we had,
I am confused,
Feeling used,
You didn't do anything,
that was the problem,
You didn't do anything at all,
That's just the thing,
You sat by,
And let what we had die.

The author's comments:

This poem I have written is about a relationship I had, I really cared about this person. What we had, in the beginning, was great. As time went on the flame we had just started to set out for me. I never talked to this person about it, so they kept going and I stayed in the same place. I wasn't very happy at the time after they found out they didn't do anything. So it just ended.

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