April 2, 2018
By Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind...
- Jhene Aiko

My skin flows with caramel and dark times I've been through
My eyes are big enough to tell stories of the things I've seen
My mouth is the perfect size to decide if I will smile less today
My hair has more curls than emotions I have ever felt
My ears have heard enough words to put me down at random times of the day
My head fills randomly with ideas that will never be heard
My nose is big, yes, I can sniff out your fakeness
My body is enough for you to respect

My height is taller than the lows of my day
My legs are stronger than the pain my heart can take
My arms stretch longer than anything I can express
My hands have enough wrinkles from when I have hurt
My back is beautiful like my beauty you never see
My nails away chip like people do from me
My body is enough for you to love

My lungs find it hard to breathe
My brain causes anxiety
I don't really have feelings
I'm more beautiful on the inside
But I am enough.

The author's comments:

It's taken years.

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