to the awesome being whose existence brings me joy

April 5, 2018
By GoodVibesAreForever BRONZE, Haverhill, Massachusetts
GoodVibesAreForever BRONZE, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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gone are the days
where i’d envelope
you for hours
your comforting presence
keeping me warm
through the night
and although i’d be sad
when you’d leave in the morning
i knew you’d be back later
same time, same place.

gone are the days
where you’d
dutifully tidy me up
every morning
straightening out my blankets
tucking in
the sides of my sheets
as neatly as you could
even folding hospital corners
(though lopsided, i appreciated the thought)

but now
you no longer join me
at the time
we’ve come to know
you leave me
in a state of unruliness
my blankets and sheets
a rumpled mess
and on some days
you don’t even visit me at all.

i don’t understand
what did i ever do to you?

i know you’re tired.
i can see the bags
under your eyes
the lack of sleep
darkening your expression

but yet
every night
you hunch over
at your desk
your face
illuminated by an
unnatural blue light
the rustling of papers
punctuating the silence

what you are doing
is beyond me.

you finally give
into the exhaustion
collapsing on top of me–
but not long after
you drag yourself
out of my covers
resuming your mindless toil
until you leave for the day

but what for?

it’s like you purposely
try to avoid me
as much as possible
i know
you want me
as much as
i want you
so why do you
keep doing this
to the both of us?

i promise you
a restful slumber
my pillows are
soft and cushy
my mattress
supporting you
in all the right places
my blankets keeping you (and me!)
warm through the night

so why don’t you
join me tonight.

abandon everything
that’s been
occupying you;
i’m even willing
to forget about all
that’s transpired.

all that i ask is
that you stay with me–
nine hours would be enough.


i miss you.

sincerely, forever faithful, your dearest friend,
your bed

The author's comments:

High school is rough. With college applications looming, and having to juggle an inordinate amount of homework and extracurriculars, it's difficult, if not impossible, to get a healthy amount of sleep. This poem alludes to this, but through the point of view of a bed.

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