Dear Daddy

March 28, 2018

Dear Daddy,
I will always be your baby girl
No matter what
Even when I say I’m grown
I’m not
Nowhere close
Although I might not agree with you
90% of the time
And I want to apologize
For all the attitudes I give you
I know that from time to time
You get frustrated with me
But don’t worry
I won’t always be like this
And I don’t know how
But you somehow dealt with all my break downs
Sad or Mad or even my "I Don't Know!" ones
Even when you didn’t quite get it 
You still tried to understand
And you tried to fill two rolls as a parent
And Moms
So, I just want to say thank you
For all the good and bad times, we had
You’re the greatest father
A girl like me could have
Your Daughter

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