The Words of My Voice

March 31, 2018
By Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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My whole life is running away, on a ride
From your words that eat me alive
Away from your words of hurricane tide
I've been objectified

Your words that caused bodies of water to stain my face black
Your words that rest in my body, so now you can never take them back
Your words that no one knows if you really mean
Your words that affect what really you need, me

Why do these words come from your mouth and brand to my brain
Why do these words roll off your lips and char my heart
Why do these words write back feelings that they caused me to erase
These words weren’t here until our start

Your words control my life
Control the way I look in the mirror
the reason I grimace and turn, stabbing my body with letters that make a knife
Your words control the  way I walk
The way I speak
The way I dress and new secrets I keep
Your words cause me to not believe words that speak life to the
Because your words have become me

I never thought these words could take me so far
To galaxies and worlds with stars of tar
Skies that shine for only minutes of your shine
Skies that mimic what you wish to be and waste your time

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