Abnormal Love Note

March 26, 2018
By Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Lilli_Simone PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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I feel like I'm ruining every chance of talking to you
And when you look back at me
I pretend I'm spaced out
But I was admiring the monster I have fallen in love with
And I shouldn't complain if you move on
Because it was me that let you go
But if I never told you
How would you know

Would you know when you catch me staring at you
Or when such a sad person like me laughed at everything you did
I had to stop thinking of you to get back on track
I need to learn how to breathe without my tears for you weighing down my lungs
And pulling on my heart
I would run down my battery
Waiting for you to text back
Maybe in my dreams, we can reunite
Because fantasy is the only way to love without getting hurt

I glance at all these walls that say kill
Now it's you I want to kill
How could you leave me in the ashes
In the dust
Banging on the floor
Telling you to come back
My heart turns to the dust I'm lying in
And I write down all the lies you told me
Did you really love me
Was I really beautiful
Was there really an us
Or was it something for you to play with when you were bored
My body was your game
And you won every time
You conquered my way of life
Crushed my soul
When I fell in love with you
And I feel like everyone knew
When you touched me I started to fly
And when you left I knew why

To you am I the right material for a toy
The right material to humiliate
And then for me to act like I didn't care
Because when it came to you I didn't know how to act
My love for you may capsize
But the memories of us get large and attack
And I wonder what you dream of at night
Me or her
Or of who you'll hurt next

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