Columbine Copy-Cat

March 26, 2018
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He was thirteen
sauntered into school
eight-step plan in head
rifle in hand

He went to the bathroom
and loaded his gun
no one knew
he wouldn’t live to see the
setting sun

He boasted his rifle,
pointed it to his head
and almost immediately
he was pronounced dead
and it was later revealed
he wished, but failed,
to recreate
a sign of the time
April 20, 1999:

That April day
they planted explosives
in the crevices of
their second home
but the bombs refused
their plan
so the two young men
marched to the west side,
their dusters catching the breeze
they trudged through

“Go, go!” commanded the gunman
and loud pops echoed
as two screams clouded
everyone’s ears
and the young men eliminated the first
of many

In the library
the young men
taunted their victims
questioned and accused their faith
all while a natural grin
lay pleasantly on their face
as if they’d heard an inside joke
from ages ago

More pops sounded
more lives taken
because of the two young murderers
wearing the dusters
who craved isolation from

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