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March 14, 2018

Suspense tends the tensions risen, 

Suspect bends responsibility given,

Must have sent him on a mission,

One he couldn't complete,


Telling him unruly secrets that he couldn't keep,

Responsibility builds, responsibility steeps,

Weighing on him, till he's counting sheep,

Finds security in his dreams, 

Doesn't want to wake, to face the nightmares of his day he'd rather stay and rest in peace,

So softly he weeps, ever so softly he weeps,

Dreaming one day to drift off to Neverland, never again to be seen,

Hoping one day to meet Peter Pan, a secret he could keep.

Instead he wilts away like leaves,

Winters constant always freeze,

Forever yearned to meet his needs,

He never met his needs.



Just A Lost Boy Without His Peter Pan

A Boy Without A Helping Hand

A Boy With No Ground Left To Stand


I wish I had a helping hand I wish I had a helping hand

Curse you Captain Hook you have ruined all my plans

Where is Peter Pan? Where is Peter Pan?

Nowhere to be found, I guess it's just me to the very end.

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