3.14 - In Honor

March 14, 2018
By AngelOnceWas GOLD, Wonderland, Other
AngelOnceWas GOLD, Wonderland, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Just another dressed up heartbreak"

at 10:00 a.m.
we as a collective group
not all of us
but the majority
and walked out of third period
out into the pouring rain
some just wanted
an excuse to leave class
others were just
following the crowd
but most knew exactly
what we were doing
no matter our reason
reaching the field
we silenced
in a big mess of people
march 14th
we moved to an outer circle
and joined hands
strangers with strangers
couples with exes
tall people with short ones
and every kind in between
though the experience
was honorable
it never should have been
these are our classmates
these are our peers
we live lives side-by side
that should not be
taken away by anyone
this is where we watch
and reflect
my life is a blessing
so is everyone else’s

we participated in
a peaceful protest

walking out
in defiance of gun violence
it’s not much
but small ripples
can make waves

walking in
as we shook the rain
from our hair
and gave each other small
uncertain smiles
i remembered
that there is hope
no matter what

The author's comments:

The walk out was student organized

It wasn't perfect

But it was an experience of unity

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