Swallow Your Pride (and nothing else)

March 22, 2018
By Anonymous

I used to admire and idolize
the magazine's glossy pages
and a gap between thighs,
throughout the many ages
there's always a new trend
corset strings tieing us down
to an idea, confidence in the end
is morphed into a ghost town.

When my 3rd-grade teacher said,
"what do you want to be?"
my gap-toothed smile fled
'cause all I could think was: skinny.

Now, thin girls in the locker room
carelessly mention weight.
My pained smile is a costume
as I think of the lunch I ate:

four almonds, they cracked
beneath my reluctant teeth
because I wanted the exact
same numbers beneath
my skin, I have this misleading
small-lunch mindset, I carry
it because I can't stop reading
my scale like an obituary.


When thin people begin to carve
away food, doctors won't stay quiet
when fat girls like me starve
we get applause on the diet.

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