Father Took Me to the Lynching

March 9, 2018
By T.M.R BRONZE, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
T.M.R BRONZE, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
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Father took me to the lynching
The blacks kept on flinching
While everyone kept on grinning
The thief kept on twitching
It was a relief the thief is gone

I was feeling quite happy
Father shouted “goodbye, Blackie!”
I was convinced this was right
I knew this was right
Father would never fib
Why else would this have been did?

Who cares that the all the thief’s were crying
They will be hung here dying
It is right to do for Blackies
‘Cause father told me it’s true
Father would never fib
Why else would this have been did?

The author's comments:

This is a poem I wrote at first just as an assignment for my ELA class. My teacher told me that I had a talent for poetry and she thought that I should put my poems up here. So, Im giving it a try.

  This poem is inspired by a woman named Harriet Jacobs and her will to fight against injustice. It is about a little girl who's father took her to a lynching of a man who was accused of being a theif. Her father and the people around her are making her think this was the right thing to do. In the little girl's perspective, she talks about her experience and how it changed her view on a certain group of people. 

I wrote this to express my frustration about how many people thought it was ok to discriminate and torture others because of their skin. Also about why things were, and still are, hard to change. Still to this day, some people still have to go through torture and they are unable to escape. In my opinion, It's disgusting. 

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