Dear Lost Sibling

February 26, 2018
By Anonymous

Brother or sister I do not know,
Boy or girl I know not,
But you were there before me.
Yes, you would’ve been my older sibling.

We would’ve danced around the halls of the house,
We would’ve joined swim team together.
You would’ve taught my sister to dance,
You would’ve taught me to sing,
But you did none of the my dear sibling.
You didn’t do any of this.

We could’ve gone to the carnival together,
Watching the sun fall beneath the clouds.
We could’ve done crafts and played cards with each other,
But no, you never did do any of this.

Why didn’t you support me?
Why didn’t you make me a better person?
I guess it could be because you were never here,
I guess it could be because you never truly lived.
You miscarriage, my lost sibling,
So close, yet so far.

The author's comments:

This represents pain I've felt, and this really did happen. I was going to have an older sibling, but my mom had a miscarriage so I am the oldest, the one with the responsibility now.

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