Filling The Void

February 25, 2018
By Otaku_Duke SILVER, West Deptford, New Jersey
Otaku_Duke SILVER, West Deptford, New Jersey
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What the hell...

You've gotta be joking...

I told myself I'd commit.

But, then...why?

What is this feeling?


If I ease my mind and think of something simple, I just draw blanks.

I try rattling my mind.

Still, no dice.


Speaking of which, I sigh and let a tiny, trusty, dotted cube breathe some fresh air from out of my pocket. 

I blankly stare at my lucky die, wishing it could work its magic sometime soon. 


Eh, what the f*** eyes may as well be averted to a small, white box. 

Guess I'm staring down my Writer's Block.


I meeean...I suppose I could write about what's really on my mind. But there's no doubt it'd be edgier than, ironically enough, and, let me spell it out for you, the D-I-E I'm emptily gazing at. Or, better yet, edgier than the stories my arm scars are familiar with.


Then again,

I guess that

I was

able to




The author's comments:

Woah, hold on...what the shit? Sorry, you probably weren't supposed to see that...

Oh jeez...what've I done...

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