Hold on to Hope

February 22, 2018
By Anonymous

I know life is hard. I know Every passing day may leave you broken and scarred. I know that it seems like when the sun drowns deep below the horizon, it’ll never come back up or that the raging storms and rain will never stop. But in case you have forgotten along the way, listen to me when I say, the pain will end. The scars will mend.

The sun may set leaving blackness to conquer but it will rise once again and dark will surrender. The sky may shed a million tears but the heavens will brighten and the clouds will clear. Just hold on and the bad will pass. Because no matter how dark the night there is still light and no matter how much the pain, it will not reign. Just hold on to hope.

I am not saying it is going to be easy. Life is going to beat you up until your tongue is soaked with the taste of blood and you are covered in cold mud. Bruises will be left swollen and you will feel completely frozen. The rope of hope will begin burning and your skin blistering. Every inch of your body will tell you to let go. But just know, that if you do let go of hope, it’s over.

Life, the most beautiful precious gift you were given, gone down the drain because you refused to endure the pain. Life may hurt. It may rip you apart. But it is a gift. The only way to get through it is with hope because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Just hold on to that powerful rope of hope even if it's thinner than thread and never let it go because we all deserve to live the gift of life, but it’ll take a little strife.

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