A World of Peace

February 22, 2018
By Anonymous

Pools of blood stain the ruined ground
Lifeless and wounded bodies scattered all around
Soldiers’ lives are taken, their final memories violence and death.
Sadness flickers in their eyes as they take their final breath.

Tears roll down their cheeks as they sit on the cold stone ground,
Begging for food and money and there is no aiding hand around.
The bare floor is their home and the tattered sheets their clothes.
Their life has changed completely, from light to shadows.

Environmental destruction
Clouds of smoke ascend into the sky and choke the air.
Decay and destruction of the environment everywhere.
Trees stripped of their beauty and cut down to stumps.
Precious water wasted for car washes and sumps.

Our world is a gift, out home and our sanctuary
Yet we leave it wounded, crippled and dreary.
We chase after power regardless
Because we are ignorant and heartless.
We do not notice the pain we have inflicted
Or the grave problems that we have neglected,
But the curse we have cast upon our world can be lifted.
We can mend wounds blemished and cuts created.
We must learn that power is not what we seek
But compassion and kindness at its peak.
Bloodshed, poverty and destruction must cease,
For we must unite and live in a world of peace.
A world where forgiveness and mercy abide
Where respect and good deeds thrive.
A place where greed and power are only for those
Who are called fools and have the darkest of souls.
A place where bloodshed is no more
And there's no such thing as being poor.
A place where the air is always pure
And all of nature is safe and secure.
Together let’s create this world,
a world of peace.

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