Laments of a Former Smart Kid

February 11, 2018
I was only six
When they said I was gifted
Acing reading tests in snot nosed kid classrooms
Adding plastic blocks like an icon
Far ahead in the academic race
All the way to advanced
When everyone else was a beginner
I could write my name
And my phone number
Clinching congratulations
When I parodied a song in Pre-K
Every single action was golden
And I was on top of the world

But now I am only average
Novelty's long worn off
Haven't had them in ages
Test average only some 80
Don't read as much as then
Not as smart as I was
And I don't even want to be
Because now instead of "good job!"
It's "as it should be"
Instead of "nice work!"
It's "that's what's expected"

I can only scale the mountain for so long
Before I let go of a rock
And fall

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