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February 17, 2018
By AngelOnceWas GOLD, Wonderland, Other
AngelOnceWas GOLD, Wonderland, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Just another dressed up heartbreak"

I stand in front of a clear surface
An out-of place and unblemished window
To observe a girl I feel like I know

I raise my right hand
And she does the same
Who is this person?

She blinks rapid-fire
The same way I do
That so many criticize

I smile, slow and awkward
And an uncomfortable expression 
Flits across her face
She smiles too, all lips and no teeth
Puffed up cheeks and crinkled eyes
Why does she look like me?

Her eyes are a dull brown
Like toast on the brink of burnt

I turn my head

And she does the same 

I take that moment to examine her skin
Reddened by a permanent blush

Splotchy from permanent problems
Tinted from permanent minority status
She is the same race as me

And has the same nervous air about her
Like she slipped into the skin she is in

Maybe she too has double the chances
Yet half the acceptance

I wonder why the girl and I have never met

I feel like somewhere in our lives
Our paths would have crossed

We would have locked eyes like we do now
Looked away at the same time like we do here
Fidgeted in sync like I feel and see

I feel like we would've gotten along well
Someone so like me
Would likely dislike me
As I hardly like myself
I think I would like this mysterious girl in front of me

She seems like someone likeable
She's decently pretty
Her smile is small but infectious
Her eyes glitter inside
The hand that waves goodbye in sync with mine is delicate
And the tilt of her head is quite elegant

If only I was more like that girl

The author's comments:

Wishing for things we already have
Wanting to be who we already are
I feel like that's a lot of people I know

Including myself

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