For the Students

February 16, 2018
By jdath BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
jdath BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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Another shooting come and gone
And as the day rises on another dawn
I wonder how we got this far
How tragedy is no longer bizarre

Thoughts and prayers they send our way
But is this what we students want our leaders to say?
That ‘‘today is a terrible day?’’
And allow things to continue this way?

No, we say
You’ve done us wrong
You’ve hailed us innocent, brave, and strong
You call out that you’re #ParklandStrong

But when the time comes to keep us safe
You ignore us like we’re useless waste

“Say something,” you say
But not a single day
Have you made effort to change the way
That dangerous people buy guns every day

How many more triggers pulled?
How many more stories left untold?
Student after student who will never grow old
College enrolled, waiting for lives to unfold
When a bullet hit them and ended it cold

In America, we are the brave
But we sit back and watch our leaders misbehave
We’re workers and changers, that’s what we are
With every step forward we’ve come so far
But it’s easier to buy a gun than to drive a car

A shooter pulled the trigger, he’s the one to blame
But isn't it insane? How many times we’ve played this game?
How many people have called shootings ‘a shame’?
But won’t put any blame
On the thing that fired after the shooter took aim

They’re sick, they say
And yes indeed.
Taking lives is a terrible deed
But in no other country do so many shooters run
Into elementary schools with a legally bought gun

So keep your rights and keep your guns
Start charities for families and donate funds

But know that when the day is through
We students are rising, the day will be anew
And we will rise and we will fight
To keep everybody safe day and night

Because no kid should own a gun
And no kid should lose their life to one

The author's comments:

This piece is for everybody who continues to feel the pain and frustration of seeing mass shootings again and again with no changes. I hope that as the next generation of voters and politicians, we work to make the country safer for the next generation of students. 

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