The Revellers

February 16, 2018
By Anonymous

There they revel, let them revel,
Clambering, clawing, simpering, screeching,
Spitting glass cylinders,
Jagged, obscene and barely coherent,
Shallow and sickly, the bitter peals of hate,
Flesh in their skulls, fire in their limbs,
Rage in your hearts, revellers.
Voids in your eyes, revellers.

There they revel, let them revel,
Shirking the day for the screen,
And the dusk for the day.
Time is aloof to them, ends have no meaning,
Sickles glancing off their anger,
As they spin alone on whining pivots.
Poison in your throats, revellers,
Tragedy in your bones, revellers.

Join the hyenas, you revellers,
Predate; gnash with your yellowed teeth,
For they are but beasts, poor revellers,
Vulgar and visceral, glutted on ignorance,
Snarling their words and licking their wounds,
But pity is all I shall feed you.

There they revel, let them revel,
Dissolving as their days drip by,
You are so utterly lost, revellers,
And lost is how you shall die.

The author's comments:

If you've ever travelled on a schoolbus before, hopefully you know what I'm getting at with this poem. I wrote it after a particularly trying episode in which 3 apple cores were thrown, one headlock placed, 17 piercing shrieks for no apparent reason, and a whole menagerie of racist, homophobic and mysoginistic slurs.

Something about 50 kids being contained in a high-speed metal box must bring out our innate fears of mortality or something, suffice it to say that I now have very little hope for human beings as a collective.

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