The Forest

February 12, 2018
By Shadow1451236 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
Shadow1451236 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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Souls avoid this place
Which voids their hearts

The trees reflect their shadows
The breeze carries their whispers

They watch mournfully
The lively traveler whom they envy

The forest is silent
Frozen in time says some

Many perished here
Most still linger

Some were soldiers, some were sick
Some were criminals, some were just victims

Those who avoid the forest call it evil
Those who visit call it sad

I wonder why they stay
I wonder I wonder

Why do bad things happen in the forest
I wonder oh how I wonder

Once men owned this place
Now the reaper owns them

Those who go there are scared
But those who linger are as well

Something horrible lives there
In the forest center where its black heart beats

The forest breathes
As they grieve

This place is a prison
Always welcoming more

This place is as ominous as a grave
This place is as dismal as a wake

The trees stand tall
The dark stands taller

They mournfully wail out
They cry crimson tears

The lake is large and cold
Many reside at the bottom

They all desire one thing
Hint it’s something you have

Hopefully you don’t
Take it for granted

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