February 5, 2018
By MaskedGhost SILVER, Hadley, New York
MaskedGhost SILVER, Hadley, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"My head's so tired but I don't care, no I don't
Outside the sky looks like it's burning down but
I won't fear, no I won't
Falling down like angels fighting
Stars and lightening hold me tightly" - Hazel: by Cavetown

Why must I always falter?
Stumbling and falling away.
I have never landed
Not returning tomorrow, nor today

Forget me
I am disappearing
I am always leering,
Towards the stars
Forever fearing,
Falling too far

Catching what’s left.
And losing the pieces
Due to my distress
I am losing my rest
I’ve fallen too far


Stars can join me
While I am still falling
Forever wishing upon them
To send me back
To the colder, dark  ground

The author's comments:

I hope that this poem helps people that are suffering with something. Even if I know nothing about it. Everyone has suffered, including me. I hope my poems help you realize you're not alone.

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