February 3, 2018
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You look like diamonds, even though,

you are sitting up on two rows


I watch you speak to them,

you have a precious laugh,

one I simply can't ignore nor resist.


Though, I have a wild guess,

You are not what you are to me.

I have a wild guess,

that you are a false diamond,

sparkling, shinning, cutting my eyes-


I'm blind by the reminiscent beauty,

and I won't search the insides!

I know it will only hurt me,

but, whats a person to do,

when they're forever



Just look! The words I speak,

Antonyms of I!

I'm just a regular cracked rock,

In the depths of a room, Filled!

Filled with diamond of all kinds,

some real...some fake,

it's hard to really tell.


With you, it's impossible to a blind rock

to know what you might be to me,

You probably can't even see me!

Dirty rocks, dirty rocks, sparkling wonders!

It's a pure ecstasy, the curves of glitter,

The shine, the laugh, it echoes

in this hollow heart, sorrow is

forever more


As I sit still, and you continue,

To talk to your diamond comrades

I sit, alone, watching your false beauty

Please, cut me again...

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