My Three Banes

January 24, 2018
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It always hits me hard
I want to handle it, but that's not in the cards
I know it's coming, yet it still gives pain
I suppose, from that, there's nothing to gain
Rejection makes me afraid to ask
I guess that's why I'll always finish last...

It likes to poke and stab
I see her with another, and it throws me a jab
One hit and it takes over
It's like a poison that makes me wish I was sober
It eats me from the inside out
Wish jealousy was something I could leave behind and forget about...

It makes me wish I wasn't me
I can't do things that others find easy
Sit and think of all the bad things that could happen
Tell me to calm down, so where's the facts then?
I never wanna try new things, or do things first
That's why, of these three, this one's the worst...

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