We Need Help

January 23, 2018

We’re all in a reflective world
  But the mirrors are broken
  We are distorted
  What happened to humanity
  Please, someone help society

I have the door
You have the key
The truth you shall see
If you open that door in my psyche

The mirrors can be fixed
If you have the right things
An idea of what is right and wrong

We act so brain dead to the possible road ahead
We don’t realize it until we’re almost dead
We stay awake forever and see
But we don’t know what we are seeing
We can build hope or break it
Give knowledge or take it
We need help today not tomorrow

You will try to see the world through different eyes
You will just cry, filled with sorrow
We need help
There’s no use to deny it
Too much stress is not good for us
That just implies
This world needs help

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QuestionsWithoutAnswers said...
today at 1:12 pm
Thank you to all of the people who have read through this before. I hope you enjoyed this piece, it may not be the finest work of poetry but it still took much effort. Again, thank you!
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