January 22, 2018

No, not in a box, a different way
Trapped by the peer pressure of today

Trapped by judgement
Accepting the different… unrealistic
I am trapped by stress and many opinions
People will ask if you’re okay
You say yes anyway
It is difficult to express how I feel out loud
I can only express them with paper and pen

In an artificial world
Fake people
Fake friends
Fake smiles
Fake laughs
What is this reality?
I can’t believe it doesn’t seem real to me

In this world perfect is what you try to be
Even though inside you are filled with anxiety

You’re not perfect 
That’s okay
You can still succeed anyway
Even though opinions seem to overthrow you
Society today is not to real
I’m still trapped I don’t know why
Some things seem to go unexplained
Opinions still leave you feeling trapped
Don’t fall for the trap, stand up tall and don’t look back
Time is flying by
There is no time to sulk and cry

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QuestionsWithoutAnswers said...
today at 5:11 pm
I keep seeing that more and more people are liking and viewing this. I thank you all! Thank you especially to the four people that said I have talent, you probably have talent too.
QuestionsWithoutAnswers said...
Jan. 31 at 1:09 pm
Thank you for the people who have liked this piece so far! I appreciate it greatly.
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