A Pool Filled With Snakes

January 15, 2018
By alegelman BRONZE, Aventura, Florida
alegelman BRONZE, Aventura, Florida
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A pool filled with snakes. Sounds of sizzling barbecues
From their wide open mouths. Fangs bared and ready
To bite the next victim daring to jump in. Beady, red eyes

Stare into the challenger’s, bidding him to take the next
Step. Dip your toes in, they hiss, we don’t bite.
The snakes laugh. Some slither out of the

Pool, turning into streaks of tar that cars leave on
The ground on a hot, summer day. The man prepares
To jump in, convincing himself that he does not fear

The creatures. He says to himself, they will not hurt me,
I will be fine. The man jumps in, holding his breath
As he prepares for the landing. He falls into the

Pool, submerging himself into its depths. He comes up
With a sharp gasp. The snakes have tricked him and
Are no longer inside the pool, but they slithered

Away and left water in their wake. The man shakes his head
To get rid of the incessant hissing in his head, but
The only things that come out are tiny droplets of water

Sprinkling out of his ears, but they do nothing to stop
The sounds he hears inside. All he wants is
Mercy, for the snakes to have their way with him.

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