Angel's Wings

January 11, 2018

I understand how I hurt you,
I know how I stifled your laughter.
I understand how I broke you,
I know how I took your Forever.
The flames I threw myself inside,
Are the flames I used to burn you.
I’m sorry I couldn’t fix this-
That the lies you heard were true.
Your love was too delicate,
It crumbled in these bruised hands.
You were too much to love,
And not enough to keep together.
You were the sweetest of pleasures,
And the thing that hurt the most.
I touched your innocence with hands-
That buried a man dripping in sin.
I held your unblemished face with hands-
That often spilt the blood of bitterness.
You were strong enough to push me out,
But weak enough not to end it.
You were brave enough to leave me,
But too scared to finish what I’d done.
I became the wings that held-
The angel you had within you.
But those wings soon failed you,
And you collapsed in the dirt.

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