Is It My Time To Go?

January 1, 2018

Is it my time to go?
For I am only just sixteen.
The most beautiful disaster I have ever seen.
My mental disorders bring me down below
to the underground.
I've never been this low.
My demons may be speeding my time to go.

The darkness has shown.
It could be my time to go.
But now you're concerned.
Now you see how much I hurt.
You don't want to see my ashes in an urn.
It's too late for your pity.
I don't belong in any state, country, or city.
But I still don't know where I can go.
Or if it's my time to go.

There's so much I haven't experienced.
A college graduation.
My journey to success.
The hardships of life.
Long lasting friendship.
The feeling when the beat of my heart skips.
True love’s kiss.

So I cry and I sigh.
because I want to grow
until I fly up to the sky
when I am old and wise.
But are my aspirations a disguise?
Are they just lies?
That cover up the cold hard truth
that I'm not one to survive.
I struggle with the unknown
and I question my time to go.

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