bright eyes

December 30, 2017
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Behind these green and hazel eyes there are battle scars from the past wars.
Each battle fought deep inside, slowly rising to the surface after refusing to subside.
Lies, i’m fine, then goes and cries
Because I am to weak to rise or to fly
Wings broken and torn, thrown out the door
Bright eyes, dark thoughts, bitter nights and whiskey shots
Memories you wish would disappear make themselves quite clear
And they will never disappear
The ach from within will never disappear as it prefers to be quite clear
Right here
It lets you know that it will never let go
It never shows, but never goes
Hiding low
Putting bags under your eyes just to gloat
Because it knows
Oh it knows that it’s won
Now it does it just for fun
And the battle has just begun
I guess it’s time to run
How fun

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