Thank You

December 21, 2017
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I joined her class alone and nervous,
Without a friend by my side.
A teacher's pet I used to be,
But now I hide my face and sit in the back.
I quietly answer the questions on a good day,
Day by day I grew more and more social,
But I owe it all to my teacher.
She made me feel as if I belong,
And I wasn't a total outcast.
She made me feel like a part of the group,
And brought out my extroverted side.
I wouldn't be where I am today if it was not for her,
She allowed me to finally find myself,
Lost under my hard to crack shell.
But after all these years of people trying to break it,
That one teacher finally did.
Instead of feeling vulnerable and exposed,
I feel happy and free.
I can finally take time to see who I truly am,
As well as what I can really do.
I can not say thanks enough,
To that one teacher who broke my shell,
And didn't give up on me.
Who continued to try,
Without pushing me too far.
I can not express this enough,
But thank you for all you've done.
No amount of gold or gifts could I ever repay you
To be the equivalent of what you've done for me.
But at least I give it my best shot,
And more than anything,
Thank you.

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